Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

I grew up in a context where, counting your blessings was a thing. You were told to at school, at home and any time that random aunty perceived even an iota of ingratitude seeping out of you. As the year ends, I notice I am leaning hard into that mantra at this time. The world continues to feel like it is in transition, in the grey zone between so many systemic and structural changes, globally. Change of the transformational magnitude we are experiencing is hard and there are many forces working both for and against our needed global shifts. In the magnetic field of that process, there is much turmoil, chaos and the experience of being in the Grey Zone of Change where there seems to be just too much going on all at once. But what I know to be true is that systems have a way of correcting themselves. No matter how long it takes to work through the liminal in-between space, this too shall pass. We can make it to the other side by supporting each other through the transition, learning and working together to find solutions and having the courage to step into new ways of being, doing and working that will transform our world for the better. I continue to hope that we will emerge into that better world for all.

In the meantime, there are many practices that we can lean into to help us remain hopeful, resilient and live a resonant-filled life, no matter the complexities we are holding. One of those is gratitude and that is what counting your blessings gives you. My family and I wrote out some of our gratitudes today, but in summary and in this space, I am counting the blessings of you, my friends and colleagues who have shared in the trials and triumphs of 2023. You know who you are. Thank you.

I am grateful for the communities I continue to grow and learn with as we do life together.

I am grateful for the opportunity to refocus (#NoMoreResolutions!) on what matters most to me and where I can make the most impact with the gifts and energy I have.

I am oh so grateful for breath and life.

As the calendar changes, I am committed to continuing in the spirit of gratitude. My reflections have reminded me to not only to practice gratitude personally, but also professionally through appreciative inquiry, the continued search for the positive core that can be amplified to transform every situation, from a 1:1 difficult conversations to a systems change plan.

And more than anything, I am committed to keeping it simple. As the folks over at The Greater Good Science Center remind us, practising gratitude is simple and all the lists out there tell us the same thing: “ To summarize: Spend time with real people, treat them well, put down your devices, and move your body. When you see a chance, do things that improve the world. And then, amid the onslaught of self-help guides, gurus, and glittery things to play with and buy, commit to the wisdom of the basics in 2024 instead.”

Wishing you the best, gratitude-filled year ahead!