Destinies: A flash Fiction Collection

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Destinies is a collection of 51 flash fiction stories between 50 and 500 words about global African-ness & Blackness. Each story represents everyday moments of life, living, joy, sorrow and love that shape Black lives. They imagine what a word, a sentence or a phrase might or could represent for global Africans, the communities of socially defined Black peoples born on or off the continent who live a significant part of their lives in global spaces, or in continental Africa in the continued shadow of colonial legacies. Destinies is the sequel to  the short story collections Identities and Ancestries (Voted Best Book by A Sierra Leonean author 2021) and builds on the prior themes of exploring global black identity politics/dynamics and belonging to explore the agency that global Africans can chose, moment by moment, to find their way onward and forward. Destinies completes the trifecta of a framework in storytelling form, that suggests how global Africans, and perhaps other socially constructed and disadvantaged racial groups, can engage the world and choose transformational social action, in small and big ways from wherever they find themselves. These transformational social actions happen every day as we enact of identities, ancestries and destinies—on the street, at work, at the salon, at cocktail parties—because of the choices we make, moment-to-moment.

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