In our rhythms of time, we are turning into a new chapter. Another 365 days ahead to go through the rhythms and seasons of life. While I had decided a few years ago to let go of artificial resolutions and goal-setting that will only serve to thwart my own expectations of myself, the rhythms of our year-end rituals always call me to inadvertently reflect and look ahead.

The halo of starting the 2020s in global crisis is still here and will continue into 2023. The world is transitioning into living with covid-19 and the combination of inflation, climate risks and conflicts means that 2022 has been a year of global hunger. Our social cohesion is eroding, cyber risks are increasing and fully 84% of experts involved in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report are worried about the outlook of the world. We should all be worried—worried enough to be focused on what our part of the solution to create a better future for ourselves, our children and our great-grandchildren could look like. But not so worried that we are immobilized by fear and leave ourselves subject to the forces around us instead of taking the actions we can in owning and creating our own stories. We are ending the year with icons from Pele to the former Pope passing. For me, it is a reminder that no matter where we find ourselves and no matter the challenges we face, all that matters is how we live and the legacy we leave behind.

So for me, I have decided to keep my 2023 wish list simple. More than anything, in all the roles I find myself, I am embracing:

  • Resonance: I will hold on to my Resonance and work for Resonant Transformation: This means an intentional commitment to the deeply personal stories in my life that keep me grounded to the need for transformation—a complete reimagining of our world for the better.
  • Commitment: I will practice radical commitments to Groundedness, Hope and Action: This means taking responsibility for my own wellbeing, focusing on “my work” and letting go of the things beyond my sphere of influence…focusing on my “Squares
  • Presence: More than anything, I find myself returning in these times to the fundamentals of my leadership training to visit again the power of personal/leadership presence—that overall awareness of “Use of Self” to be aware of my own anxieties and triggers and the ability to self-manage so as not to spread those anxieties unproductively on to others. More than that for me, it also means being present to the power of possibilities that can ignite transformations. I want to be present this year, to what is and to what is emerging, so that at every reflection point, I will be able to see the possible and discern clearly the convictions of my resonance stories and the right commitment to guide me forward.

I am grateful to each and every one of you in my communities who have been part of my 2022 journey and who will be into 2023. Wishing you a successful 365-day cycle ahead, however you define that success for yourself.