Transformation after Trauma: The Power of Resonance

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The primary purpose of the book Transformation after Trauma is to unpack the concept and phenomenon of Resonance as the key to post-traumatic transformation and provide practical guidelines from my practice and experience for accessing it.

The secondary purpose of this book is to present an integrative, holistic and developmental understanding to individual, organization and societal transformation, inclusive of positive psychology orientations and the reality of suffering and traumatic impacts as part of the human condition.

This publication will provide a new lens on transformation and contribute the following to the field:

  1. Providing an integrative lens to achieving transformation, that acknowledges traumatic impacts on individuals, organizations and society.
  2. Presenting an interior capacity, founded in memory, imagery, and personal meaning-making and narratives and therefore a complement to current ways of facilitating positive change that are grounded in externally “motivating” and “inspiring” change and transformation.
  3. Demonstrating why Resonance, as a personally replenishable resource, generates sustainable transformation over time. This is contrary to current discourse that sustainability of change and transformation is hard to achieve.

The groundbreaking research for this book was motivated by my own experience as an African immigrant and refugee, and a deep knowledge that popular media and coverage does not include the transformational leadership, civic participation and contributions of this and other groups who have experienced trauma.

Peer-reviewed journal article about Resonance.