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SLD Consulting Services

Dr. Yabome Gilpin-Jackson’s expertise lies in partnering with clients to design leadership development, organization development, systemic change and social change processes, including advising on how to advance diversity, inclusion and belonging in workplaces and society. Her work is in service of Uncovering Possibilities and Igniting Transformation in complex leadership, organization and social situations. Yabome provides the following Consulting Services.

Yabome facilitates conversations that matter to help clients uncover possibilities and move toward the outcomes and transformations they want on business, organizational or social issues of concern. Yabome designs appropriate and engaging facilitation experiences that accelerates your team’s ability to brainstorm possibilities, make decisions where you have been stuck, set direction and increase your ability and capacity to collaborate in future groupwork.

“Yabome demonstrated a powerful ability to make us (as her clients) feel heard. She was able to navigate the tricky territory of allowing space to process and be heard while keeping us on track and holding our feet to the fire in making the difficult decisions we needed to as a group.”

– Client Feedback


“The facilitator [Yabome] set a great example of excellent facilitation skills, giving/making meaning in the process. Wish we could have a DVD to learn from her and model her meaning-making and facilitation skills.”

– Client Feedback

Systemic Change

Achieve your desired strategic systems change outcomes especially for previously ‘unsolvable’ organizational change issues. Contact Yabome when your change efforts have been well planned and implemented…yet, the results tell a different story. People have not changed. Desired change outcomes have been minimally attained and change has not sustained.

“The change is even more complex than I realized… [but] I’m energized to take my [change] action and improve team dynamics.”

– Feedback from participants in a change process

Leadership Development
Working with clients to design and deliver leadership development programs or workshops customized to meet your desired business development and transformation needs. Participant Feedback from workshops with Yabome.


Participant Feedback from workshops with Yabome

  • 100% agree or strongly agree they gained new understandings and perspectives
  • 100% agree or strongly agree they are motivated to take action after the session


  • “Validating and affirming, highly resonant”
  • “I would like to bring this workshop to our board and mentorship team”
  • “Feeling restored”
  • “Powerful!”
Organization Development
Partnering with you to ReThink, ReFrame and ReNew your teams and organizations to achieve the results you want. Yabome helps you and people in your organization get unstuck, uncover the questions you need to be asking yourself to move from ordinary to extraordinary results, and create the strategies, culture and processes to facilitate getting there.

“Yabome stepped into this situation alongside [and] left us with a clear plan of action, a strong sense of purpose, and a deep trust of one another. She helped us to unravel a complex and charged situation, to name and make sense of what was occurring, and to move forward as a leadership team. In fact, our entire organization continues to this day in large part because of Yabome.”

– Client Feedback

Social Change/International Development

Yabome combines and applies all her skills to helping communities and social systems locally and internationally design processes to facilitate social change, through continuous dialogue and systematic organizing for change. In this work, Yabome provides thought partnership, requiring you to take the lead in setting the direction for the future you work and acting as your strategic champion and advisor to help you get there.

Participants experience in a word . . . in a session on planning for change within the public service in South Africa, including addressing race, gender, class and all forms of social inequalities and inequities:

Participants Experience in a word