I call upon Yabome as a business partner whenever I undertake a large OD or learning & development project.  She helps me define my scope, synthesize information, develop and fine tune the program, and ensure it meets the needs of all stakeholders.  Whether it’s bouncing around a quick idea, or working through the details of large project, Yabome is invaluable to me and is a pleasure to work with.  She brings an advanced and practical knowledge of OD and organizational learning methods and an intelligent, analytical approach that pushes our OD and learning programs to the next level.

Sandra McMillan

Global Organization Development Manager, Versacold

I have experienced Yabome’s effectiveness in a variety of roles: as a co-facilitator, facilitation design partner, team member, and project manager for a leadership learning program for which I was a consultant and instructor. As a co-facilitator, Yabome’s supportiveness, facilitation expertise and logistical practicality were invaluable. As a facilitation design partner, Yabome’s ability to constructively critique designs and approaches always took our facilitation designs to the next level. As a team member, Yabome was selected to facilitate a series of internal strategic planning meetings for our team. Yabome not only increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the sessions but, as a result of her awareness, empathy and intervention, Yabome clarified the purpose of the meetings and subsequently facilitated a process change that ensured everyone’s needs were met. As a project manager, Yabome was truly remarkable in calmly keeping all the balls in the air and managing complex communications to a variety of stakeholders. Yabome is clearly focused on facilitating positive change and positive learnings in every project in which she engages. Her outgoing personality is a bonus. Her warm and open attitude makes her easy to approach even about sensitive or contentious issues.

Nick Cooke

Principal, Better Performance , Head of Operations and Organization Development, Eminence Organic Skin Care

I have known Yabome for two years and supervised her leadership across projects central to LSG’s strategic operations: the design and development of the Integrated Learning Methodology (ILM) and the Integrated Consulting Methodology (ICM); co-ordination of our internal strategic planning workshops; and client lead on our Return on Investment (ROI) in learning series of initiatives.  Yabome is a consummate professional and is well respected by both colleagues and clients for her creativity, commitment and passion. She is highly motivated, self-directed and sets high personal standards for herself and others and has demonstrated vision and purpose across all of her accomplishments while at LSG. Yabome is well-organized, consistently met all deadlines and exceeded expectations across all deliverables. She demonstrates an above average capacity for communicating complex concepts in an accessible and engaging manner with internal and external stakeholders.

Rick Colbourne

Executive Director, Learning Strategies Group, , Segal Graduate School of Business

Yabome’s preparation for this workshop was exceptional. She was able to understand what would be useful as an introductory workshop after one conversation with me. She developed and prepared for the workshop at a week’s notice.  Her skill was evident during the workshop when she led the group in a reflective thinking exercise whereby the workers saw their roles in a much greater spectrum than simply giving information to newcomers. Through her clear speech and various activities, the material presented was easily absorbed and is well remembered. Her critical questions encouraged the group to engage in reflective thinking that helped us realize our learning is ongoing and must be incorporated in everything we do.

Ariane Kitengie

Bilingual Settlement Counsellor, MOSAIC